We appreciate all our applicants to this year's contest. You all made this decision very difficult. Below is the list of the scripts that will be advancing to the next round:

Aerial Girl - Terri Sissman, Arcadia, CA

The Amateur - Gaia Violo, Los Angeles, CA

Audrey's Run - Emily Abt, Brooklyn, NY

Bank Robbing For Dummies - Robert Keith Watson, Sherman Oaks, CA

Bison Man - Michael Rhodes, Austin, TX

Blood Runners - Ned Crowley, Oak Park, IL

The Boob Job - Debra Vance, Santa Barbara, CA

Bottomless - Jonathan Figg, Studio City, CA

Boundary Springs - Curtis David Sackett, California

Brand New Day - Hugh Brune, United Kingdom

Burden of Eternity - Max Cusimano, New Orleans, LA

Civil War - Geoff Elsner & Carson Griffis, Sherman Oaks, CA

Clouds of Sorrow - Jack Davidson, Sparks, NV

The Courage Inside - Melissa Emery, Marina Del Rey, CA

The Crimson Confession - Raymond Just, Pasadena, CA

Dark Timber - Jeremy Enis, Greenwell Springs, LA

Dead Men - T.A. Snyder, Springfield, IL

The Demon of Hope Street - Craig Peters, Eagle Rock, CA

Downstream - Laura Burns, United Kingdom

The Dressmaker - Clare Sladden, Queensland, Australia

The Event - Josh Renfree, Santa Monica, CA

Finding Joy - Virginia Lee Brucker, Nanoose Bay, B.C., Canada

Ghosts Of War - Nathaniel Greene & Harrison Reiner, Los Angeles, CA

Good Blood - Anthony McHie, Atlanta, GA

Great Lengths - Sean Devine & Jack Simons, Brooklyn, NY

The Gumshoes - Lisa Garvey, Venice, CA

Housemother - Leslie Dallas, Los Angeles, CA

If I Needed You - Scott Honea, Austin, TX

The Kiss - Remi Vaughn, Scottsdale, AZ

Lancelot - Nicholas Horwood, London, UK

Late Bloomer - Mandy Fabian, Sherman Oaks, CA

A Little Escape (Un Fuitina) - Frederick Rendina, New York

Living in Pictures - Andrew Severin, Long Beach, CA

Magnus the Magnificent - Kim Manky, Glendale, CA

Middleman - Dan Tice, Ann Arbor, MI

Murder Me - David Luz, Framingham, MA

My Next Life - Gary Templeton, Woodland Hills, CA

Namaste Mumbai - Beewan Athwal, London, UK

Narcocorrido - Ryan Prows, Los Angeles, CA

Not Me - Kathaleen Brewer, Fayetteville, GA

One Big Happy Family - Jen Kleiner, Los Angeles, CA

The Ortons - June Escalante, Norwalk, CA

Patient 36 - Hank Hoffman, Los Angeles, CA

Sacred Hearts - Raymond Gill, San Francisco, CA

Skip the Youth - Collin Blair, Burbank, CA

A Smart Man with a Stupid Plan - David Granger, Los Angeles, CA

Sugar In My Veins - Barbara Stepansky, California

Tales From An American Family - Daryl Middlebrook, Van Nuys, CA

A Taste of Freedom - Mike Boss, North Hollywood, CA

The Trial of Jean Gump - Joan Kufrin, Chicago, IL

Tru Fairy Tale - Rick Carr, Columbus, OH

The Virgin Abby - Amy Whittenberger, Los Angeles, CA

Veronica & Julian; Uncoupling - Otoja Abit, Queens, NY

A Week With the Whale - Thomas Gelo, Dallas, TX

What Rough Beast - Kranti Pally, Madison, NJ

White Calm - Sid Bodalia, San Jose, CA

Worst Case Scenario - Chelese Belmont, North Hollywood, CA

Year 73 -Jeff Shevlowitz, Sylmar, CA


We are happy to announce that for this year's CineStory Screenwriting Awards, the winner of the year-long Fellowship will receive a cash prize of $10,000!

We've also increased the pay out to our 2nd Place and 3rd Place Winners to $1000 and $500, respectively. 

Please keep checking in as we continue to work throughout the year to add value to the prize packages for not only our winners but the writers who are invited to our yearly Retreat.


This month we ask the question, 'What are the four quadrants and why do they matter?'

Recorded at CineStory 2012, in this session executives Jessica Julius and Leah Estrin discuss what it takes to write for all four quadrants, what works in family films, what doesn't and why.