We are pleased to announced our tied second place winners in the 2017 Feature Fellowship competition: Mark Price and James Walker. Mark and James each wrote such powerful scripts that we decided they both merited the second place spot. Congratulations to them both!

Mark Price.jpg

2nd Place Winner (tie)


Mark Price migrated to filmmaking from a visual arts background and is currently an award-winning screenwriter and producer based in Seattle, Washington.

His work on independent web series, shorts, and features--such as Lynn Shelton’s “My Effortless Brilliance” (as producer)--has screened for multiple festival audiences, including SXSW, Austin Film Festival, Seattle International Film Festival, and Vancouver Web Fest. Prior to CineStory, his feature screenplay, “Let’s Kill D.B. Cooper”, was a 4th place Winner at Shore Scripts International Screenplay Competition and an Academy Nicholl Semifinalist.

Walker, James, IMG_1244.JPG

2nd Place Winner (tie)


James is half-English, half Goan-Portuguese but has always lived in the UK.  He read international history at the London School of Economics and later a master of international human rights laws, which both play a part in the types of stories he likes to tell. 

This is the second time James has placed second in the CineStory feature competition. At the last CineStory retreat, James decided he would go back to film school, and later he attended the National Film and Television School, UK. There, James wrote and produced a handful of shorts, winning him some awards, including a BAFTA. Soon after, he took a hiatus from writing when two babies came along, but he is now pleased to be (sleeping and) writing once again.  


Karpovich, Angelina headshot.jpg


Angelina Karpovich grew up in Russia and learned English mainly by watching subtitled films. She spent 14 years as a college professor in the UK, teaching film history and visual communication. She wrote her first spec feature in remote China because an airline lost all her luggage and she couldn’t leave her hotel room for 3 days.

In 2017, Angelina was selected for the Channel 4 (UK) Screenwriting course, and was a finalist for the BBC Drama Writers’ Room. In January 2018, she will graduate from the National Film and Television School, UK, with an MA in Screenwriting.

Angelina’s work explores dynamics within families, both the ones we’re born into and the ones we make for ourselves. She is fascinated by the tragicomical potential of unspoken tensions, omissions, misunderstandings, and slights, especially as they simmer and multiply over generations. She sums up her voice as “anger mediated through humour” and enjoys nothing more than talking about herself in the third person.